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Better relationships. I’ll tell you when relationships, especially in the workplace, really begin to suffer. It’s when one party begins to feel taken for granted. Once the people under you start to feel taken for granted, they start to lose interest in working their hardest.

Relationships, especially in the workplace, begin to suffer when one party begins to feel taken for granted. Click To Tweet

Why would anyone work as hard as they could, for someone that didn’t clock they were doing any more than the bare minimum? Gratitude makes you take note when people go the extra mile.

Increased empathy and trust. With gratitude unlocking greater understanding of yourself and people around you comes increased trust. Trusting the people that work for you is the ultimate antidote to micromanagement, one of the biggest limitations preventing companies growing to their greatest potential. If you can delegate properly, and pass responsibility on, you will see the benefits in your career, their career and the business overall.

What all businesses strive to be is a meritocracy. The kind of place where managers can spot a diamond in the rough, and raise and promote them to a point where their skills and experiences can truly shine. If you have better understanding of people around you, you can utilise them better in their roles. A business where the wrong people are doing the wrong roles is like a badly tuned engine, it’ll never hit its highest potential speed or power.

The best thing about gratitude is it’s never just you putting in more effort and that’s the end of it. True gratitude, the kind that you learn to do over three months, and not in an hour, will inevitably be noticed, and it will come back to you.

True gratitude will inevitably be noticed, and it will come back to you

Whatever your reasons for being more grateful, even if they’re the most selfish in the world, you’re creating good karma for yourself, and it will all come back to you in the end.

How to be a More Grateful Person

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? How exactly do you become more grateful, as a human being? Because we’re not talking about surface gratitude here. We’re not saying, remember to thank the clerk and wish them a good day when you’re at the shop. We’re saying thank the world that your legs still work when you got out of bed today. Thank the world that you weren’t born into a country with no infrastructure and civil war tearing families apart. Because you had no more right to not end up in those situations than the people that did to end up in them today. The universe is unfair and arbitrary, and any day you’re not dying is a day to be thankful for.

Thank the world that you weren’t born into a country with no infrastructure and civil war tearing families apart. Click To Tweet

If that sounds a little stoical, and almost religious, it’s because it is. Developing that passion for life, the kind the some religious people exude, without ever entering a church, mosque, synagogue, or whatever, is what becoming truly grateful is all about. You end up happy. Truly happy, without wanting or yearning for things outside your reach.

Meditation can be a great way to clear past all those temporary distractions, and keep you on the right path. Even just ten minutes in the morning, to become a little more centred and less distracted can allow you to focus on your gratitude. So can doing a little more exercise and eating better.

Remember to reward yourself too, there’s no point burning yourself out. Gratitude is like any new skill, it takes practice, and repetition, but if you try too hard at first, you won’t see enough results. You’ll become disillusioned, tired and give up. You need to cultivate consistency.

In terms of quantifying your progress and burgeoning skills, whether that’s through monitoring results in terms of increased happiness, better relationships, or more stable moods, or simply keeping note of what meditation, or exercise you’re regularly doing, there’s some great apps out there. Apps like, which can really help you map out your progress, and give your flagging career the gratitude turbo boost it really needs.