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Until you’re able to look logically and unbiased at your personality and behaviour, you’re going to struggle to improve yourself in any meaningful way. That can be crazily limiting.

Time isn’t the Enemy

When it comes to any kind of productive pursuits in life, whether that’s learning a language, losing weight or becoming grateful, it’s always going to be incredibly easy to say no on the grounds of not having enough time.

What this really is, is an unwillingness to change, and fit something important achievable into your life. Pop psychologies of fear of failure to one side, this is nonsense.
We all have ten minutes a day to spend doing something important for us, and if you don’t have ten minutes, then things really are going badly for you, and you need to make some serious changes.

Gratitude doesn’t have to take up your time. It can be as simple as a running awareness of all the things you have to be grateful of, or five minutes in the morning spent meditating on all the things you have to be thankful for. It’s not difficult, it’s not time-consuming, and once you’ve dealt with all the barriers preventing you from achieving it properly, you’ll see huge benefits.

Control-freakery and Micro-Management

Lastly, one of the big issues many people have is an inability to truly let go of the situation, and the forced ways they’ve habitually learned to behave. Taking workaholism from your father, or pride from your mother, and enforcing it on yourself is only ever going to be a recipe for unhappiness.

Learning to let go, and let the chips fall where they may is a crucial element to actually learning to be comfortable and happy in your skin.

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Learn to let go of all your forced ideas of what you are and what your life is around you, and start pursuing things that actually strengthen you, like gratitude and happiness. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but with consistent effort, not by much.

Why Gratitude is So Valuable

Gratitude isn’t ever anything to be sniffed at. It has the potential to turn almost anyone’s life around. All of the modern social issues that plague us come down to a simple lack of gratitude.

Taking others for granted, while feeling let down by ourselves, and always expecting more from ourselves and the world around us.

It’s a recipe for sadness and disconnection from the world around us.

Gratitude can help anyone improve the way they live their life, from the corporate exec, to the housewife, to the student teenager. It simply lets you see, clearly, the inherent potential and brilliance in you and your life. It makes you aware of how lucky you are, and connects you with loved ones around you.

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The Cost of Gratitude

By this point, you’re probably thinking to yourself that while all this sounds well and good, and terribly impressive, surely it all has to come with some substantial catch. You’ll have to become a monk and give all your possessions away, or go join a cult somewhere rural.

That’s not the case! The cost of gratitude is simple; it just requires you to build a habit. Albeit quite a big habit, but a habit nonetheless. Regular self-awareness, and looking at the way you behave and engage with your life. A little meditation in the mornings and reminding yourself to be grateful when it comes to dealing with people around you. Beyond that, there’s not much else to it.

Getting started is easy, all it takes is a simple exercise of looking over your life and relationships and thinking about all the different things you have to be grateful for. If that’s a bit of a struggle for you, then simple meditation on a regular basis can help you achieve the self-awareness necessary.

Just five to ten minutes between breakfast and going for a shower in the morning can give you much deeper insight into yourself and your life, while helping you de-stress and focus your mind. It can really be incredibly simple and straightforward.

Tips and Tricks

There’s not much else to building gratitude and happiness into your life other than consistency. Reminders and regular hints can be very helpful though, which is where apps like can come in, prompting and giving tips and reminders whenever you need them.