World Gratitude
November 22, 2017
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Gratitude Journal

Amazing magic power is within you – Gratitude. It will make your life better, proven in so many ways!

The magic happens when you practice Gratitude from your heart on a daily basis. How?
Simply find 1 minute in your daily schedule,
yes only 1 minute.
For 30 seconds breath & relax.
For 30 seconds think on something you are thankful for.
Something from Today (great meeting), or General (thankful for learning from my mistakes)


Try it, its fun 🙂

World Gratitude

Life is full with drama and sometimes its hard to be grateful. Get ideas from other people gratitude, based on wisdom of the crowd. Add to your own Gratitude Journal.



Who are you grateful to have in life

Add friends and family you are grateful to have in life, people who are always there for you. Send and receive hugs and support, be connected via gratitude.