World Gratitude
May 29, 2023
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Gratitude Journal

Amazing magic power is within you – Gratitude. It will make your life better, proven in so many ways!

The magic happens when you practice Gratitude from your heart on a daily basis. How?
Simply find 1 minute in your daily schedule,
yes only 1 minute.
For 30 seconds breath & relax.
For 30 seconds think on something you are thankful for.
Something from Today (great meeting), or General (thankful for learning from my mistakes)


Try it, its fun 🙂

World Gratitude

Life is full with drama and sometimes its hard to be grateful. Get ideas from other people gratitude, based on wisdom of the crowd. Add to your own Gratitude Journal.



Who are you grateful to have in life

Add friends and family you are grateful to have in life, people who are always there for you. Send and receive hugs and support, be connected via gratitude.



Gratitude is Magic!

Gratitude is the key to both human interaction, and internal happiness. It’s the literal opposite of aspiration, greed and neglect, and no matter who you are or what you do, getting some gratitude in your life is always going to benefit you hugely.

As you become more appreciative of people around you, they’ll warm to you more. As you become more accepting of yourself and situation, you’ll feel much more content and happy in your life. It all sounds like a lot to expect from something as simple as being grateful, but in reality, gratitude is much more than just remembering to say thank you.

Obviously, building an ego-challenging, life-re-evaluating element like gratitude into your life and personality isn’t going to be a quick thing, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little effort on your part, as well as some consistency, you can expect your life to take a spectacular uphill turn.

You want to turn something into a habit? Make it easy to do, make it fun. Make it memorable, and quick. The best way to do just that is with an app, and what’s more, with the right app, you can share gratitude with your friends and family!


The Perfect Gratitude App

If you want to achieve something, make it quantifiable, and for something as abstract as getting a little more gratitude into your life, you can’t really jot down any figures and compare. No, the only real way to map your journey into gratitude is a journal.

Full of ideas and thoughts, as well as a neat and easy to use journal, the app is the way to go. Just a couple of minutes per day will see you feeling happier, more humble and more appreciative, in short, more grateful.

Gratitude is like any skill, if you want to become good at it, you need to practice, and there’s no getting around this. Our gratitude app can keep you working at it, while throwing new, fun ideas and suggestions your way.

Offering a smooth, guided experience, our gratitude app keeps things fresh, while allowing you to cultivate the consistency required to really build a beautiful new habit.