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The goal here is to look beyond the gratitude list you’ve written out and to grasp the idea of sharing it. The bond you have with the friends is stronger when you express how you feel about them. Once you create that bond and continue to be grateful, the link will never break. Gratitude is a continuous bond that will grow in perpetuity.

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – William Arthur Ward

There is an array of benefits that gratitude can bring to your life. It can make you happier, improve your personality, emotions, and enhance your social world. What’s more: gratitude is contagious. Your simple thankfulness may encourage others to be grateful too. By saying “thank you” and expressing your full appreciation to someone who has helped you, you may be encouraging others to do the same and return the favour, either to you or to someone else (maybe you are familiar with the movie “Pay it forward”?)

Sharing gratitude brings humanity closer and keeps the chain secure.

My grandma’s advice was to never be afraid to say good things to make people feel good. You cannot expect someone to remind you to be thankful. There will be no prompt to remind you to be grateful and to share how you feel with the people around you. If you do something special for someone by cooking them a nice dinner it is not your job to fish for compliments or for some form of gratitude from the other person; that is their job. It is the responsibility of that person to come forward and tell you they appreciate the effort you made for that meal.

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Also, acknowledgment and recognition can go a long way; not only for family and friends but also in the work environment. Gratitude can bring a person to be more committed and positive towards his or her work.

So, remember to show you appreciation in the face of an act of kindness – you would want the same thing in return. Stop holding in your gratitude. Express how you feel after writing that list of things you are grateful for. People can’t read your mind.

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