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6. Renewable energies are growing globally at an extraordinary pace, which does not only mean a healthier planet, but it also implies the creation of more jobs, opportunities and the stimulation for new technological developments.

In this respect, global renewable energy jobs have reached a record and are now close to 10 million.

According to a REN21 report, over the past decade, the share of people who lack access to modern energy services has fallen by nearly 10%, down from almost 25%.

Solar and wind energies are at the top of the adoption ranking:

7. Do you find yourself often talking about all those fantastic memories of “the good old times”? Well, maybe the good old times were not that good. After all, fewer people die now as a result of conflict than 60 years ago.

Source: Our World In Data

8. We are becoming more aware of our health. Fewer people smoke now, and more people are into organic food than ever before in the U.S.

This translates into better health and overall physical wellbeing, which in turn affects positively our mental wellbeing and feelings of achievement, fulfillment and happiness.

Something similar is reported in the UK, where sales of organic food went up 7% in 2016, and around 39 per cent of UK shoppers now buy organic food on a weekly basis.


9. Heart disease deaths have dropped by 40 percent, in part due to new treatments and interventions, but largely because people became aware and changed their lifestyles to prevent heart diseases. Better control of blood pressure, preemptive lowering of blood cholesterol levels, better diets, and reduced smoking are resulting in fewer cardiac events.

10. Africa is developing at an unprecedented rate. There is still A LOT to do, but growth is happening and is driven mainly by and improved macroeconomic management, a growing middle class, and more political stability. There are reasons to be optimistic.

11. More people are getting access to the wonders of the Internet, which means that more people can educate themselves and be empowered to make better decisions.

12. Denmark has managed to reduce 25% food waste in 5 years – hopefully an achievement that may encourage other countries to tackle food waste.

13. More people are interested in kindness and compassion, something that is evidenced in the increasing trend in Google searches.

14. And last but not least, “optimism”, “love quotes” and “peace” have more searches in Google than “nuclear weapons”, “fear quotes” and “terrorist attacks”.

So at the end of the day, the kind of news we want to read or watch will make us more positive or negative. And since happiness and positivity are contagious, we do believe that we need a more proportionate news feed.

Simply because happy people make better decisions. And happy people spread happiness wherever they go.