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It’s not just about friendships either. Learning to quickly connect and befriend people around you won’t just help you meet new buddies, but can help you meet romantic interests as well. All these things start as friendships, after all.

5. Stronger Romantic Relationships

I’m going to class your love life as part of your social life, here, because for all intents and purposes, it basically is. Gratitude can help you react with far greater empathy, connection and maturity in your relationships. That means one huge thing – stronger romantic relationships.

We all want powerful, legendary romances, sweeping our partners off their feet and remaining strong for years to come, but too few of us do anything to get to that point. Gratitude can be a great way to get there.

6. Manage People Better

When it comes to working in any managerial role, one of the biggest elements of keeping everyone happy is the way in which you deal with them. Gratitude can help you build the understanding, connection and confidence to actually manage people in the way they want to be managed, with full compassion, understanding and confidence.

7. Reduce Aggression

We’re all a little aggressive at times, and that can be a hugely off-putting character trait socially. It can be deeply ugly, making others uneasy, untrusting or hurt. In short, aggression is only ever a detriment in social situations, and it needs to be dealt with. By making you happier, more secure and more positive, gratitude can help you move away from aggression, and build the personality you want to build.

8. Boost Positivity

Last but far from least is one of the very best effects of gratitude. Gratitude can help you boost your positivity and happiness levels. People love being around happy, positive people, and being an absolute font of positivity is only ever going to benefit your social situation.

Gratitude does this through helping you see everything you have, rather than all the things you don’t have. Through embracing your luck and fortune, rather than the opposite. This can have a huge effect on your social life.

How to Build Gratitude

With all that preamble, and build-up, you wouldn’t be remiss to be thinking that gratitude is this near-unattainable power that requires you to study for nine years with monks in the Tibetan mountain to achieve. It’s not that difficult. All it really takes is consistency and effort. You put a little of those two in regularly, and you’ll be seeing positive changes in no time.

Two tips I have for you are meditation and make use of apps. Just ten minutes meditating in the morning can help you achieve the clarity needs to achieve gratitude, and apps like can help you track and measure your gratitude and happiness.